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About Us

The name Down to Fix speaks for itself. 

No job too big, no job too small.


This is our story.


With several years of experience coming from a long line of welders and mechanics, a PennTech graduate in Diesel Mechanics, DTF's owner and lead technician, Carl J. Neubert, JR decided that the tri-state's construction industry needed a reliable, multifaceted repair man. He founded Down to Fix, in 2015. Like any simple man with a truck and a craigslist ad, he built his clientele one by one and developed a reputation  and a team that has made DTF continually grow into the success that it is today.


Down to Fix is your average hardworking American family that just loves engines. This isn't just a full time job to us. Its our passion. Our life. When you have a problem you can call us and we will be the guy on your site getting you back up and running again. 

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